We developed the Brookfield Properties Retail Tenant Insurance Program to fulfill all of our tenants’ liability insurance requirements and also offer you robust coverage that’s not always easy to get in today’s insurance market—at the most competitive prices you’ll find anywhere.
You need to purchase your insurance before your rental commencement date and/or the day you take possession of your space, RMU or kiosk. You can purchase your insurance through the Brookfield Properties Retail Tenant Insurance Program any time within the 60 days leading up to your rental commencement date. We recommend that you get your insurance set up and ready to go at the same time that you go in to sign your License Agreement or Lease. Any insurance you purchase before your rental commencement date will not go into effect until your rental period begins.
Just go to the home page of BPRTenantInsurance.com, use the Quick Quote tool to get a quote, then fill out the simple application. It’s super quick and easy!
We are currently offering a General Liability Insurance policy that has been designed to meet 100% of the liability requirements of your lease or license agreement with Brookfield Properties. Your coverage protects you for liability you may have to a third party for bodily injury or property damage caused by your negligence. It could include things like someone tripping over a box or cord you left in the aisle or slipping on spilled liquid. The policy also includes a $50,000 cyber or data breach limit, and has a $500,000 limit for professional liability for some specific service professions.
Nothing you won’t be able to answer. Pretty much all you’ll need to know is what kind of space you are leasing or licensing, what your business does, whether there are any banks or suppliers that need to be added to your policy, and what name and contact information you want on your policy documents.
The Brookfield Properties Retail Tenant Insurance Program, administered by Lockton Affinity, has been able to get you the most competitive rates in the marketplace by leveraging the aggregated buying power of all Brookfield Properties Retail tenants.
The general liability or premises coverage is $1 million per occurrence with a $3 million aggregate limit. The products liability limit is $1 million. The cyber coverage is a $50,000 limit, and the professional liability has a $500,000 limit.
This will be the name that will be printed on your policy documents, so you will probably want to use the same business name that’s on your lease or license agreement. Feel free to include D.B.A. (doing business as) explanations to distinguish between your official business name and another name you may be using for this retail operation.
You’ll have three choices: credit card, e-check or Pay at the Mall. If you choose Pay at the Mall, you must have your mall’s Property Management Associate (PMA) assist you in arranging this payment option.
That’s a business that does hair, nails or massages.
We consider food service businesses to be any business that sells food, beverages or other consumable products, whether or not they are prepared on site.
If you sell tobacco or e-cigs, we can still insure your business but those products will be excluded from your coverage.
There are certain types of businesses that require a more hands-on approach than we can handle with our regular online application. These categories include:

  • Children’s activities (for example, photos with Santa or the Easter Bunny, recreational activities or fairs for children or teens, child beauty pageants and baby contests, and rides for children).
  • Medical services and services involving needles (for example, Botox and invasive cosmetic treatments, tattoos and permanent makeup, chiropractic clinics, optometrist offices, dentists, pharmacies and blood drives).
  • Government institutions (such as a City Hall, Department of Motor Vehicles or a police department substation).

If your business falls into one of those categories as listed on the application, we’ll let you know before you go any further and you can call us at (844) 806-3522 to discuss your options.

This section is intended for you to list any bank or supplier that has an interest in your business at the covered location, whom you are contractually obligated to include as an Additional Insured in your General Liability insurance coverage. You do NOT need to list Brookfield Properties as an Additional Insured because they will automatically be listed in your policy packet.
This is the fee associated with the “risk purchasing group” that was formed as a legal way to efficiently and cost effectively cover multiple Brookfield Properties Retail Tenants under the same policy. One (1), three (3) or (6) month lease options will have a $25 fee applied. Twelve (12) month lease options will have a $50 fee applied.
GGIC is the insurance group formed by Brookfield Properties, which enabled us to create Brookfield Properties Retail Tenant Insurance Program.
Nothing at all! We automatically send Brookfield Properties a copy of your certificate of insurance at the same time we send your copy to you.
We insure every leased or licensed space individually, so you will need to complete a Quick Quote and application for each one. So for example, if you have four different locations with Brookfield Properties, you will need to go to the website and do four separate transactions. That also means that your liability coverage for any given policy is limited to the mall location specified on the application and the products sold at that location.
Call us at (844) 806-3522 and we can get you quotes for other types of insurance.
There are no cancellations or refunds allowed after the effective date of the policy you have purchased. However, you can cancel before the effective policy date and get a refund.
Start by notifying mall security of all liability, professional, and cyber liability incidents. Mall security will gather details and create an electronic report. General liability claims will be automatically transmitted to the insurance company. If you have a professional or cyber liability incident, report it via email to transglobalclaims@brunswickcompanies.com or call (800) 837-8422 or (330) 864-9609.
For a little leisurely weekend reading, we’ve included a sample of coverage highlights.

Policy Highlights

If you haven’t found the the answers you seek at BPRTenantInsurance.com, we’re happy to have a chat. Just call (844) 806-3522 or email us at BPR@locktonaffinity.com.